How to select the right designer cushion covers for your space

Designer and luxury cushions

Here are some cushion styling ideas that you can use to help you make the right choice for your home decor.

Cushions are those pieces that can completely change the look of a room or a sofa. Having the right cushion can make a world of difference by bringing harmony into your living space and and elevate the decor of your room.

Choose from our wide range of luxury and designer cushions and add sophistication to your home decor.

  1. Tonal, Subtle Colours: If you are looking for an elegant, classic look, then cushions in earthy, tonal colours would work for you. Pick up an already existing colour that you wish to highlight from the room and go lighter or darker with the cushions. Shades of brown, beige or cream are colours that you can never go wrong with and these colours add a touch of class to your home decor.
Handblock printed cushions on natural cotton linen
Chameli Buta Cushion & Peony Stripe Cushion

Hand block printed cushions on natural cotton linen. These designer cushions will appeal to the minimalist in you.

2. Bright Cushions: For maximum impact, add bright contrasting cushion covers. If your overall home decor is neutral then bright cushions will stand out (in a good way). These designer cushions will help you add colour to your home decor and amp up the quality of your existing home decor.

Block-colours work very well with either patterned or a solid-colour couch. Printed cushions are best suited with a classic single tone couch.

Cotton velvet luxury cushion
Cramoi Cushions & Submarina Cushion

These velvet cushions are plush and sophisticated. Thrown them onto that simple couch and watch these sofa cushions add luxury and sophistication to your home decor.

3. Textured Cushions: Textures add depth and variety to any interior. Weaves, embroideries along with tassels add that something extra to the look and feel of your home decor space. These designer cushions also help accentuate the surrounding materials.

Orange Fern & Tropical Oasis

Adorned with handmade tassels these designer cushions add just the right amount of texture to your home decor.

4. Quirky Cushions: Want to step out of your comfort zone, add something interesting and fun? Try adding a bit of quirkiness in your cushions.

Want to uplift a simple room? Make that couch a focus point? Add a few quirky cushions and your job is done.

Dottie The Cow & Monochrome Dragonfly

These hand embroidered and appliquéd designer cushions are just what the doctor ordered! The hand crafted pompoms will definitely elevate your mood and your home decor and act as a conversation starter.

5. Animal shapes: Doing up your kids room? Add in some animal shaped designer cushions. These will double up as the perfect cuddly toy and also go with the kids themed home decor.

Fish shape cushion, Tortoise shape cushion & Lion shape cushion

Tortoise, fish and lion cushion will bring out the little kid in you. Made in all natural cotton, you will fall in love with these at first sight.

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