Meet the creators: Azga

Starting with our weekly ‘Meet the creators’ series, we will showcase the faces behind our Brands. Meet the extraordinary women and men, working hard to create products that are works of art.

Our very first feature this week are the co-founders of Azga, the premium men’s and women’s accessory brand.

Founded by Nikita and Namita, sisters from Jaipur, AZGA seeks to espouse the age-old craftsmanship of local artisans and transform their works of art to wearable pieces.

Each piece of theirs has been meticulously handcrafted using age old techniques. Be if Cufflinks, Lapel Pins, Buttons, Pocket Squares or Women’s Jewellery, there is something for everyone.

Kalpané: How did you get started with Azga?

Nikita:  It began with my sister – Namita deciding to take up the men accessory stream seriously and shape it into our brand – Azga.

I have been working with my father in our block print export business and so my experience with all the work I have been doing I decided to be a part of Azga as this was a new challenge to take up.

Namita: I had catered to a few select clients to make accessories and buttons for them and 2 years later I left my job and got done with a design fest and looked for something serious to go ahead with. The idea of Azga came to me at that time.

Kalpané: Were you always interested in men’s accessories?

Namita: It was a co-incidence, honestly I’m way better at women fashion! but have groomed myself over the time to understand the mens space and market.

Nikita: For me its about a creative line. anything related to design interests me. Men’s accessories was a very new market and at the time we started, it was not explored at all. This really made a lot of difference in deciding to take this up as our main stream

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Kalpané: What is it about your products that set you apart?

Nikita and Namita: We try and work with traditional art forms of our country. For us the artists hold a lot of value and we want to revive the age old techniques to make them into wearable pieces for todays fashion. We think this is our core strength of our products

Kalpané: What is it like running a business with you sister? How would you describe each of your roles?

Nikita: Its like being two sides of one coin! Together we make the difference. She is the brains behind the design and manufacturing part and I deal with all other sides of the business. Her eye for detail is commendable and her vision for our brand is very clear.

Namita: It is great combination of our skill sets. Our roles are majorly defined. I am more into the design and production side, which also includes managing our workshop and artisans and she’s the one who looks after the rest! I’d even like to call her the hidden backbone.

Kalpané: Where do you get your inspiration from?

Namita: Alot comes from textiles, thats where I also contribute some of my time, developing new stories in block prints. Rest I try to study trends for color and patterns but mostly its more like an instinct that I like to follow.

Nikita: I have grown up in a very design based environment and have been taught to observe everything around you all the time!
If you can learn to observe every little details around you then you realise that inspiration is everywhere in everything, observation is the key.